Strength, Mission and Traditions


RUDN University Mission

The main principles of the RUDN University success are based on the variety of subjects offered. It reflects the crucial goal of the University – to create the full-spectrum university model into the future. The university also benefits from its dense, close-knit networks: RUDN University aims to work together with local partners in Russia, Europe and all over the world to meet the challenges of globalization in the academic landscape – and hold its own in the stiffer competition for top students and junior academics that is expected to emerge by the next decade at the latest.

In this process, RUDN University benefits from its many years of experience in strategic management and the development of research fields, its international network, and its programs to support junior scholars and scientists. The RUDN University strength and attractiveness benefit across the board from family-friendly services and measures to ensure international cooperation based on the student’s friendship that very often transforms into the full-scaled cooperation between our countries. This aspect is one of the huge list, in which RUDN University leads the country.

The Medical Institute of RUDN University makes a tremendous input both to the Russian and international medical science, demonstrating innovative results in research and offering dozens of scientific publications acknowledged all over the world. It is a result of the top research conducted at RUDN University and many extra-university research institutions located in campus.

The excellent study, work, and research environment available at RUDN University draws students, scholars, and scientists from all over the world. The university takes an international approach to research and teaching activities as a matter of course and its culture welcomes international guests with open arms. The university also plans to further strengthen its competitive international position by forming and maintaining a network of global partnerships with other universities, including technological, medical and humanitarian universities in Europe, Asia and America.


RUDN University Strengths

1. RUDN University — elite university.

RUDN University is international classic university with programs conforming to the highest world standard, more than 100,000 RUDN University graduates work in 200 countries of the world. Since 1993 RUDN University has always been in top 3-4 best universities of Russia.


2. RUDN University — generator of new ideas and practices.

The University is team of 5,000 highly qualified teachers, among them 15 full members of the RF Academy of sciences and other RF Academies, 42 members of public academies, 400 professors and 500 Doctorate degree holders, more than 900 associate professors and 1,100 holders of Ph.D. degree. More than 500 employees are inventors and rationalizers. The University intellectual fund comprises more than 900 author’s invention certificates and 380 patents of the Russian Federation and 2 scientific discoveries.

3. RUDN University multi-profile structure.

RUDN University has a multi-profile structure consisting of faculties and institutes of Law, Economics, Science, Philology, Humanitarian and Social sciences, Engineering, Medicine, Agronomy, Ecology, World economy and business, Foreign languages, Hospitality and tourism, Technical and economic research and expertise. Students are trained in 80 majors and lines of study.

4. Foreign languages in RUDN University.

Students of all majors and lines of study can master not only widespread European languages - English, Spanish, Italian, French and German but oriental too: Arabic, Chinese, Persian, Hindi, Japanese and even Old Greek. At the end of the course students get interpreter’s qualification in up to 2-3 languages along with the major qualification.

5. Studies abroad.

Curricula in foreign languages are one of the university’s features. We have close contacts with Asian, African, Latin American and European countries, CIS, USA and Canada. There are 260 academic exchange programs with universities-partners.

6. RUDN University — miniature globe.

PFUR is the only university in the world for many years training students from more than 152 countries. The multinational team of teachers and students comprises more than 500 nations and ethnicities.

7. Unique Master’s programs in RUDN University.

Having more than 113 joint Master’s programs with famous universities of the world RUDN University is the leader among Russian universities in double-diplomas programs. There are more than 30 Master’s programs in English and Spanish languages.

8. Continuing education in RUDN University.

Institute for Continuing education is a dynamically developing department. They offer a great number of programs both for RUDN University graduates and post-graduates, clinical residents and people who have long graduated HEIs and wish to get refresher training or another qualification.

9. Internationalization — geopolitical advantage of RUDN University.

Among more than 28,000 students almost 37% are international students. 111 national students' associations actively promote cultures and traditions in the spirit of tolerance and mutual respect.

10. RUDN University — an active participant of the Bologna process.

Since 1989, the University has been employing the multilevel system of higher education (Bachelors- Masters). PFUR has introduced the ECTS (credit transfer system) and started giving Diploma Supplement in Russian, English, French and Spanish.

11. RUDN University — initiator of the CIS Net University.

The Net University units leading HEIs from 9 CIS countries. The university creates common education space, realizes joint academic programs, and provides “inclusive education”. A lot of students get scholarships and grants.

12. RUDN University — synonym for education quality.

High quality education is proved by ratings - for many years RUDN University has been among top 5 best Russian universities. It is a large scientific center for fundamental and applied research. Priority direction of the education process is the integration of Russian higher school in the world academic space.

13. Academic freedom in RUDN University.

RUDN University observes classical university traditions and develops its own. Curricula allow for a lot of subjects to be chosen by students themselves.

14. Academic mobility in RUDN University.

Every year more than 400 graduate and postgraduate students go to study abroad in the frame of the academic mobility program. More than 200 international students come to PFUR according to bilateral cooperation agreements with foreign universities.

15. RUDN University social infrastructure.

RUDN University student campus is the winner of the “Best campus” Moscow Mayor’s Prize. The university has also won the title “Best student hostel” at the all-Russia contest. The campus occupies 50 hectares of land near a large park and hosts 29 buildings, sport and medical facilities, hostels and shops.

16. Accommodation in RUDN University.

13 comfortable hostels have cozy rooms and well-equipped kitchens. There is TV and Internet in every room. At the disposal of students are laundromats, dry-cleaners, ateliers and beauty salons. All buildings are a walking distance from each other.

17. Corporate solidarity in RUDN University.

About 200 actively developing national student associations, as well as student councils of faculties, hostels and campus assist students in solving various problems. The University has adopted Codes of Honor for teachers, students and employees.

18. Complex security in RUDN University.

There are more than 2,000 video cameras in all university buildings working 24\7. The university is proud of 3D computer layout of all buildings providing for security of students and employees.

19. Employment of students and graduates.

RUDN University graduates are in demand among employers since they have several qualifications, which is an obvious advantage. RUDN University employment center helps students and graduates get temporary and permanent jobs.

20. Good health — RUDN University life style.

If students happen to fall ill, the university policlinic will have everything for high level free medical assistance. The medical and rehabilitation centers are equipped with the state-of-the-art facilities. In the frame of the “Student health” program all students and employees undergo annual medical check-up. RUDN University is the winner of the all-Russia contest “University with healthy life style”.

21. Superb conditions for doing sport in RUDN University.

The sport complex occupies a huge territory of 6,500 sq.m. You can do sport all the year round despite weather conditions- there are 4 football fields (2- indoors), 15 tennis courts and 40 sport sections. One of the traditions of the international university- regular “small world championships” in individual and team sports.

22. TV in RUDN University.

RUDN University TV is an active team of students from various faculties. TV programs, TV bridges, films and concerts are made and recorded in a big studio with the latest equipment.

23. RUDN University international culture center.

At university you can tour different countries without leaving campus. Come to the International Culture Center and join art groups from Latin America, South-East Asia, Africa and Russian regions. Classes are directed by professional dancers and singers.

24. KVN in RUDN University (Club of the Funny and Inventive).

RUDN University KVN team is the most famous of all. The club has existed since 1996 and unites teams of different faculties. The most talented members participate in the competitions of the International KVN union.

25. RUDN University — the best launching pad.

The university is always happy to welcome new students. Students committees are ready to stand by and support first year students. In response the students are quite happy to study here. According to opinion polls 95% of graduates would enter RUDN University again if they had to make a choice.